Lessons on Faith #4- The Just Shall Live by Faith

“…The just shall live by faith”- Hab 2:4

This idea started the Protestant Reformation, when Martin Luther studied the Scriptures with a fervent desire to learn God’s will for mankind. Many believe that “faith” is a New Testament idea, but it is quite the contrary.

What is faith? Here’s our working definition:

“Faith is entire dependence on the Word of God to do what the Word of God promises to do.”

To be justified by faith, then, is to be justified by entire dependence upon the Word of God. We must not only become just by faith, by dependence upon the Word of God, but being just, we must live by faith. The just person lives in precisely the same way and by precisely the same thing, that he became just, which is by dependence upon the Word of God.

This is exactly what Jesus said (twice). “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” (Deut 8:3, Matt 4:4) In other words, “Man shall live by faith.”

There really is no other alternative to live than by faith in the Word of God. By that Word, all things came into existence and sprang to life. By the same Word are all things sustained. With the Word, the sun, moon, and stars exist. Without that Word, all things will die and/or simply cease to exist.

Only upon man has God bestowed the gift of choice as to whether they will live by faith or not. This gift opens the door of faith. When we lay hold of this gift, we lay hold of the only means of life. Faith- entire dependence upon the Word of God- is the means by which we lay hold on the means of life.

Someone once said,

“we cannot have a healthy Christian experience, we cannot obey the gospel unto salvation, until the science of faith is better understood; and until more faith is exercised.”

Do you have faith? Friends, have the “faith of Jesus,” and become one of “the saints” today!

“Here is the patience of the saints, here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” (Rev 14:12)


What do you think?

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