Does God Have a Problem?

In this post we’re going to demonstrate how to share the 3 angel’s messages with someone, as well as put our “thinking caps” on and ask a series of questions that most Christians should be able to answer. Then, we’re going to work out the answers to their logical conclusions. It will be fun and enlightening- promise!

  1. Do you believe Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden for being disobedient to God’s will?
  2. Do you believe Satan and his angels were cast out of heaven for being disobedient to God’s will?
  3. Do you believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus?
  4. Do you believe in the judgment?

Ok, now that we’re on common ground, let’s look a little deeper.

If we’re alive when Jesus comes, when will we have been judged? If Jesus is bringing His reward (judgment) with Him, when will the judgment have been? (Rev 22:12) After all, when people are raptured, how would Jesus know who to take if no judgment had been made beforehand?

Then God has a problem. Why?

Let’s use our imagination for a moment.

Satan calls a meeting with his angels to discuss strategy for the war on God and His people. He says, “We lost in heaven and were cast out for being disobedient. We lost at the cross because we couldn’t get Jesus to come down. We lost at the tomb because we couldn’t keep Him in it. But we can win in the judgment.” “How?”, his angels ask. Satan replies, “when Jesus comes again, there will be a group of people still alive that He’ll want to take to heaven.” His angels think for a second and say, “ok, so how does that help us win?” Then Satan wickedly smiles and says, “if Jesus comes back and takes even a single soul to heaven who’s not in repentance and obedience to His will, He’ll have to take us back with Him!”

Do you see God’s problem?

In a way, God is on trial for how He handles the sin problem. If He takes people to heaven with the same attitude of rebellion and disobedience, He must have an answer for Satan that is fair, because fairness is God’s character. Jesus cannot take a commandment-breaking people without His faith to heaven. Satan’s life insurance is to keep you and I disobedient to God’s will.

How does the Bible describe the “saints” of the last days on earth? Revelation 14:12 qualifies them with 2 identifying marks:

  1. They keep the commandments of God
  2. They have the faith of Jesus

Let us pray that God’s will be done in our lives today so we can go home!


What do you think?

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