Do You Have Proof of God? -Part 1

As Christians, we’ve all probably been asked this question before. What is our typical response? We say everything from “the proof is in my heart” to “I don’t need proof, I have faith.” But do we have evidence? Do we need to offer such evidence to those who don’t believe?

We absolutely do.

The Call

The Bible says we need to “be ready always to give an answer to every man who asks you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and ‘fear'(reverence)” (1 Pet 3:15) As followers of Christ, we have a hope that no one on earth has- a hope founded on the death and resurrection of Jesus for our sins, His intercession for us in heaven, His righteous judgment happening right now, and His return to take us home. To be left without an answer to an interested soul is a travesty.

The Problem

The problem arises when most of us try to relay this information to someone who has no experience with the Bible, and perhaps no good experience with Christians, we forget what convinced us, and we lose sight of the big picture. We attempt to use the Bible to validate itself (a VERY Biblical principle) to someone who doesn’t believe the Bible’s claims in the first place- it’s circular reasoning. And so we shouldn’t be surprised when the secular world looks on in amazement at our seemingly “blind faith.”

The Solution

What we need is an intelligent faith- a faith that has a toolbox full of tools that we can use to explain the validity of the Word of God and the gospel to people of no faith. And we need to define faith in a way that is rock-solid. We have an ongoing discussion of faith in another series of posts. You can read them here.

Today, we live in a “postmodern” world of relativism, where many believe that their opinion is the ultimate source of truth. “What’s true for you might not be true for me” is their mantra. The irony behind this thinking is that if truth lies within, we’re essentially making it up as we go. This eventually leads down a road of despair, because on what do we lean when we have trials and failures? We have only ourselves. And this is not a life of hope.

We must be able to build people’s trust in the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and be able to point to something outside of the Bible for evidence. But we must remember to explain everything in love and “with meekness and reverence” for the children of God who are not of this fold. We can say the right thing- the wrong way.

In “Proof of God? -Part 2” we’re going to demonstrate how the God of the Bible is the only legitimate God worthy of worship, and how He has given us all the tools we’ll need to articulate the veracity of Scripture to an unbelieving world. The acid test of the Bible’s claims lies in predictive prophecy.



What do you think?

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